Your Blood Platelets can help with Skin Rejuvenation

We all know that the platelets in our blood helps in blood clotting and preventing bleeding but only few of us know that platelets can also help in skin rejuvenation. Not only limited to skin rejuvenation though, platelets can be used to prevent hair loss, enhance hair growth and has several other orthopedic implementations. With the recent advancements, it has been proved that platelets can help with skin rejuvenation by removing scars, reducing lines and wrinkles and improving the skin tone.

PRP that is platelet rich plasma is used for skin rejuvenation. It is extracted by taking out individual’s blood, centrifuging it to get remove blood cells and then extracting platelet rich plasma. The PRP is injected into the small areas of skin for cell growth which in turn is helpful in regenerating tissues which can heal and repair skin. Though the process appears to be simple, it must be done with high precision to get best results.

PRP Treatment Arlington Tx

Dr. Rebecca Greco at Physician’s Ageless Solutions does PRP Treatment in Arlington, Tx for skin rejuvenation. The results of her treatment can be seen with scar improvement, stretch marks improvement, cheek rejuvenation and smile lines improvement. Over the years, she has delivered successful results for her clients and ready to treat more with her advanced techniques.

Contact her today at (682) 208-1955 or book an appointment at


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